Got the music in her

Hannah has been wanting to sing a lot lately. The “Itsy-Bitsy Spider” has been a favorite for a while, but she is starting to request and sing several others lately. Today she was by herself playing, and I heard her sing:

Yes, Jesus me.

Yeah, Jesus me.

Yeah, Jesus me.

Bible mommy me.

She will also sing the “Row, row, row” in “Row, row, row your boat” as well as “merry, merry, merry, merry.”

When she wants to sing “Old McDonald” she’ll say, “Animals!” and enjoys requesting particular animals to sing about. Last week, she requested one of the verses to be a turtle, and when I asked her what a turtle says, she said, “Quack, quack.”

We’re also including some popular Sunday school staples that involve simple motions like “Deep and Wide” and “Rolled Away.” Though in the latter, there’s the line “every burden of my heart” and Hannah thinks this is about birds in her heart. She has a little music time at preschool where they march around the room and play little instruments. At home, she’ll walk around saying, “March, march, march.” Maybe Uncle Michael can work on her form at Thanksgiving.

Hannah also loves to dance which involves lots of jumping and clapping. She likes to watch Angelina Ballerina, so we have taught her a couple ballet moves. If you ask her to plié, she has a decent one.

With our music-loving little one, the speed of life is definitely allegro!

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