Birthday party

Hannah is two! Planning a party this year was much different than last year. One-year-olds just like to eat and play, so last year they were thoroughly entertained by lunch and balloons. This year, I sprang for a theme.

Since we were planning to get Hannah a play kitchen, I decided to work it into a cooking themed-party. Some of our invited guests were sidelined at the last minute with sickness in the family, so Hannah’s buddy Cody ended up being the only kid guest for the official party. My sister Kristen flew in from Kansas, and my sister-in-law Melody drove down from Dallas. Awesome aunts!

To start the party, the kids put on their aprons. My mom sewed little aprons for them, and they are really cute. Cody and Hannah wore them the whole time.

Kids usually open presents at the end of parties, but I knew there were some gifts with items for the play kitchen, so we opened presents first.

With the great new cooking toys, Hannah and Cody headed off to check out the new kitchen.

It was a hit! Kristen also entertained herself with the play dishes by making towers, but Hannah tended to interfere.

Time for real cooking – pizza! I had pre-made crusts, and everyone made their own pizzas. It was fun and easy, though the kids didn’t really understand that we were going to bake the pizzas and tried to eat the toppings a little early.

I forgot to get a photo of all the finished pizzas, but they were yummy. While the pizzas were baking, the kids played in a sensory table I’d set up with dried beans and cooking utensils. This was an activity we’d used frequently when I was teaching preschool. It got a little crazy with toddlers. There were a lot of beans on the floor.

To finish the evening, we decorated cupcakes.

It was a really fun party, and I am so thankful for the friends and family who could come celebrate with us. We are planning a Party Part Two for our friends who had to miss, so stay tuned for extended birthday fun.

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