Children’s Museum – New Braunfels

I was sad when my friend Kay moved to New Braunfels; it’s almost an hour away, so get-togethers take some planning. But the New Braunfels/Gruene area has a lot of fun stuff, so I’ve enjoyed getting to know Kay’s new “neighborhood.”

There’s the Gristmill, a famous restaurant on the river with a dance hall, and fun parks. And a lot of stuff we haven’t gotten to experience yet – Wurstfest, tubing on the river and Schlitterbahn.

Our favorite spot so far is the McKenna Children’s Museum. Kay’s family has a year-long pass, and we’ve been able to join them twice (yay Groupon deals!). Last week, we enjoyed smaller crowds since school has started and there were no field trips. Just moms and toddlers. There are lots of fun areas – hospital, train set, log cabin, kitchen, camp site, grocery store, art room, space station and water play area. It was a blast!

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