Friends, fridges and bunnies

We’ve had a rough weekend – and it’s only Saturday!

Yesterday evening, our fridge died. Luckily, we figured it out quickly enough to save most of the food. The frozen stuff all went to the garage deep freeze. Many things in the fridge needed to be tossed (mostly old leftovers anyway), but I was left with milk and condiments. I didn’t realize how many condiments we actually have, it’s a little ridiculous. Anyway, I had stuff that needed a fridge. I had no fridge, and we don’t even have a cooler. So I asked Meghan if we could stash a load of stuff in their second fridge. Sweet. And they let us borrow a cooler so we could still keep milk and some fruit at our house. Saved the day!

We spent all morning shopping for a new refrigerator. Hannah did great, and we rewarded her with a stop at the Farmer’s Market animal tent. She happily petted the bunnies and guinea pigs, even a very calm chicken.

We returned home after several hours, and as soon as we pulled in the garage we smelled gas. Brett went in to find that one of the knobs for the stove burners had been turned. We were unsure if this was due to the toddler or the cat, or even one of us accidentally hitting it, but the smell of gas was very strong and we knew the house wasn’t a good place to be for a while. But still in the hot car we had a tired, cranky toddler ready for her nap. And a house full of natural gas. So I followed my crisis plan – Meghan! We were able to take Hannah over to their house and put her down for a nap while we aired out the house and got fans going (significantly aided by a super-fan they loaned us).

So that was our Friday and Saturday. We’re a little afraid of Sunday.

3 thoughts on “Friends, fridges and bunnies

  1. Think of it this way – all the weekend emergencies are now out of the way, so you’re in the clear for Sunday and Monday!

    Methinks Meghan will get about 8 dozen snickerdoodles or brownies on her doorstep sometime soon…

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