Home from a summer paradise

We had the privilege of spending the last eight days in Colorado. My parents flew us Texans out, and we spent four days in Estes Park and three days in Breckenridge. The weather was amazing. In Texas, no one wants to be out past 10am unless a pool is involved; in Colorado, we could enjoy the great outdoors at any time of day. Hannah was so happy to be able to go on a walk whenever she wanted or run out onto the deck and pet her favorite tree.

I’m going to cover the trip’s various highlights (and one lowlight) in several posts, so stay tuned for all the fun, but here’s one of my favorites to start us off.

Hannah is chilling in our Ergo while we stroll around downtown Breckenridge. Gorgeous day of course.

Now we’re back to triple digits, a dead lawn (and broken sprinkler) and a diva cat with an attachment disorder. God bless Texas?

3 thoughts on “Home from a summer paradise

  1. Why does Finn not like the Ergo??? I don’t know if it’s because he’s so small and can’t see everything or what. He doesn’t look as comfy in it as Hannah does here. I’m looking forward to using it with the next baby, and hopefully he/she won’t mind it as a toddler ;)

    It was great to see you guys and finally meet Hannah!!! Yay for Colorado fun!

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