For the love of bacon

One of my favorite sandwiches to order at a restaurant is the classic BLT. I enjoy the original three ingredients – crunchy lettuce, cold juicy tomato and crispy, salty bacon. My award for classic BLT with the most bacon (dare I say almost too much? if too much bacon is even possible) would go to Sid’s Rainbow Grill in Carrollton, TX. The bacon was thick and crispy, not overly greasy, perfectly done and piled on.

I like the classic, but I also like the unique spins that many restaurants put on the BLT. My favorite sandwich of all time is the BBLT at The Leaning Pear in Wimberley, TX. The BBLT stands for bacon, brie, lettuce and tomato, all on toasted sourdough. Serious yum.

One of our favorite local places Kerbey Lane Cafe has a new BLT on their summer seasonal menu – the Fried Green Tomato BLT with prosciutto and pesto mayo.

This was definitely different but really tasty. Combining fried stuff and bacon is always a good idea.

One of my earliest consumed BLT variations was my mom’s TLT – tofu, lettuce and tomato. Sounds really weird but is great with BBQ sauce. What’s the best BLT you’ve ever eaten?

3 thoughts on “For the love of bacon

  1. That’s smoked tofu, for those of you who haven’t experienced it. I learned about this sandwich at a cooking class, and it wasLwayspopoulzrat my house.

    • That just sounds like a ham sandwich to me. I like ham sandwiches, too, but not the same. I feel bad for those Canadians (and New Zealanders, apparently) who are stuck with hammy “bacon.”

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