Pat the munny

For several weeks at the farmer’s market, we have been eyeing a new booth. The Tiny Tails to You petting zoo does birthday parties and other events. At the farmer’s market, they have a penned area with stools and small rugs to cover laps. For $3, you get five minutes of animal petting time. Today they had bunnies, ducklings, and a turtle. Other days, I have also seen guinea pigs and a hedgehog.

They recommended that I go in with Hannah and help her handle the animals. First, we got a little black bunny (Hannah says “munny”).

Hannah was not sure what to think about it and didn’t even want to touch it. After a while, they switched it out for a duckling.

The duckling was very active, so I had to really hang on! He was really fluffy and quacking the whole time. Hannah asked for the bunny back.

She eventually got up the nerve to touch it and realized it was actually fun. The bunny was very soft and sat very nicely in the lap. He would crawl around and sniff things but was very calm and well-behaved.

It was ridiculously hot, so I was glad our five minutes seemed to go quickly. As hesitant as she was at first to interact with the animals, Hannah threw a little fuss when we left the pen. In the car on the way home she said, “Munny – more – more!”

I think we’ll be stopping at the Tiny Tails pen again on future visits. They have a great set-up with the stools and lap rugs, and it’s an easy opportunity for Hannah to become even more comfortable with different animals. We read books about “munnies” but this is a fun chance to actually pat a real one!

2 thoughts on “Pat the munny

  1. Hannah – Grandma raised “munnies” when she was a little girl. I was in 4-H and was able to take them to the Kansas State Fair to show. Grandma found her box of ribbons when we were moving things around for the remodel. Someday maybe Grandma will be able to show you the ribbons she won with her “munnies”.

  2. Great Grandma Ava and Great Grandma Carolyn both really loved this narrative!

    Grandma Carolyn even suggested that you could turn this into a really cute children’s book…

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