Happy hour at Mandola’s

We love food, and it would be easy for our eat-out spending to be much larger than our budget. It probably already is, but we really try to find deals when we can. We often take advantage of happy hour specials to eat at restaurants we might not otherwise have in the budget.

Mandola’s, a local “Italian market,” just opened its third location near us, and we’ve been wanting to give it a try. I’d heard they have good happy hour deals but only until 6pm. Since Brett got home early from work today, we were able to make it before 6pm and check it out.

The happy hour food menu features two types of pizza for $6 each (usually $10-$12), some fried appetizers for $3ish, garlic bread for $2.50 and a meat and cheese plate for $5. We opted for the sausage and mushroom pizza, fried zucchini, and garlic bread, totaling only $11.50 plus tax.

While we were waiting for our food, a server brought out silverware and a basket of focaccia bread which apparently comes with each order. So I quickly realized the $2.50 we’d just spent on garlic bread was a waste. The focaccia was delicious and they had some herbed olive oil for dipping – yum!

Our table was very full which was a little difficult since we have to keep an arm-length radius clear around Hannah. (sorry for the bad phone pics) The pizza was good, we like thin crusts, and the fried zucchini was also tasty. Hannah had some of everything we ordered. The garlic bread was okay, but again sort of a waste of money because you get the free focaccia. And it was plenty of food; we had almost half the pizza left over.

When we finished eating, Hannah entertained herself but putting her piece of bread in and out of the cup they gave her. We also enjoyed the live accordion player who strolled around the restaurant.

All the employees were very friendly and went out of their way to be helpful, especially to families with small children. When Hannah threw her sippy cup (ours from home) on the floor, an employee picked it up and offered to take it back and wash it for us. We were about to leave anyway, so I didn’t take him up on it, but I was impressed with the genuine service that was shown to us and other families there. Those of us with little kiddos appreciate all the help we can get!

We’ll definitely be back to Mandola’s for a happy hour dinner whenever Brett can get out of work before 6pm. The food deals are great, and they also offer 1/2 off wine by the glass or carafe. And excellent service tops it all off – big win!

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