Hannah’s vocab – 20 months

This girl is talking so much! I thought about making a list of all the words she knows, but that would take too long and there are always new ones.

Lately she has been learning names and likes to introduce herself to new people as “Nana.” She has a few mysteries of pronunciation, however. Her M’s and B’s are randomly interchanged.  For example, Uncle Michael is “Batu” and our friend Meghan is “Bidden.” A banana is “manana” and Bingley is “Minny.” But sometimes she will use the correct sound, like Aunt Mindy is “Minny” and Aunt Melody is “Mennenny.” (Aunt Kristen comes out sounding something like her word for chicken.)

She has also started understanding possession. Thankfully, she has not entered the world of “mine!” yet, but she will point at things and say “Mommy’s” or “Daddy’s.” But the understanding of possession has made her less willing to share her toys, and we have had lots of reminders about taking turns.

It’s really nice that she can often ask for what she wants – a specific snack, a toy, an activity, a friend. Recent favorites, respectively, would be “fishies,” “tent,” “dudder” (color), and “Bidden.” 

She tells us to pray a lot during meals but will often offer a premature “Men!” before the person has actually stopped praying. 

Of course we hear a lot of the toddler staple “no,” but we also hear “yeah” a lot. It’s really cute. Now when can we teach her “y’all”?

1 thought on “Hannah’s vocab – 20 months

  1. If y’all want her to learn “y’all” then y’all are going to have to model that phrase more extensively in your everyday conversation. Diana needs to say things like “Y’all come eat” or “Y’all want to go to the pool?” and Brett needs to say “Y’all come to bed now”, etc.

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