The start of pool season

Yesterday was our first trip to the pool this year. We are fortunate to have a public pool very close to our house, and it is FREE during the summer. They have a large baby pool that is separated from the big pool by a fence, and there is a full-time lifeguard just for the baby pool area. Excellent set-up for toddlers.

Hannah loved it. She just walked around the baby pool and watched the other kids. During the “pool check” time, she thought it was fun to sit on the towel and eat snacks. There were some really fun fish murals next to our snack spot.

Looking at fish while eating fish.

I think we will be spending a lot of time here this summer. This morning, Hannah somehow found her swimsuit, brought it to me, and tried to put it on. Then she brought me her swim diaper. And finally her towel. Hint hint, mommy.

1 thought on “The start of pool season

  1. She is super duper adorable! And what a great setup with the pool! You rarely find anything that’s free anymore!

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