Quick trip recap

Hannah and I are back home after a little trip up to Grand Prairie to visit Michael and Melody. It was a quick getaway and fun to be out of the routine for a couple days. I forgot to take pictures, but luckily Melody caught this one on her phone.

Hannah’s word for Uncle Michael was “Batu” and Aunt Melody was “Minny/Menny/Mennenney.” The dogs, Ella and Tatum, are always a big hit.

We went to the high school where Michael is an assistant band director, and Hannah was introduced to several new instruments. Drumline was a little overwhelming, but she seemed to enjoy the low brass sectional. I thought it was funny that kids were calling my little brother “Mr. Jordan.” A fun lunch stop up there in Carrollton was the Rainbow Grill. It was like a time warp – low prices, friendly staff and a high chair unlike anything I have seen. It was beyond vintage. I should have taken a picture, because I tried to do a search online to find a similar image to post, and I can’t find anything close.

So it was a fun little trip – thanks M&M!

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