Indian grocery store

A few months ago, a strip mall near us had quite a bit of turnover, and we were interested to see what new stores would open up.  One was Man Pasand Grocery, an Indian food store.  I got a tip that they have a small produce section with good prices, so this morning I went to check it out.  According to a sign, they receive fresh produce on Tuesdays and Fridays, though since we got there right as it opened, they hadn’t received all their shipments for today.  The prices were indeed lower than HEB – I picked up some onions for 49 cents/lb compared to HEB’s 78 cents/lb.

Many of their produce offerings were either things that HEB doesn’t carry – such as ichiban eggplants – or things I didn’t even recognize (and deserve their own blog post).  Definitely a niche market, and it’s the only South Asian supermarket in Southwest Austin.

The highlight of my trip started as I neared the cash register.  There was a foil-covered pan emitting enticing smells.  Homemade samosas for $1 each, couldn’t resist.  I have to admit, one was immediately eaten when I got back in the car, but I was able to exercise self-control and save the other until lunch.

The outside was perfectly crispy, flaky and chewy.  On the inside was a spicy vegetarian filling of potatoes, peas, curry, and herbs.  The flavors matched perfectly with the sweet, tangy dipping sauce that was included.


An unexpected prize from what was supposed to be a produce expedition – expect more to come.

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