Eclipse Day

How does one celebrate a rare solar event? This question popped into my mind early as my mom was planning my grandparents’ 70th anniversary which coincided with the solar eclipse. Further investigation revealed that we live in an area to view 99.6% totality!

I’m not an event planner, so I’d planned to take the kids to our cul-de-sac for casual viewing (with the special glasses, of course). I was thrilled when my friend Lydia organized a Solar Eclipse Party for the preschool set at her mother-in-law’s farm. They went all out, and it was a blast!

There were happy sun balloons, decorations, lunch, cupcakes, and friends!

Unfortunately, complete cloud cover moved in about three minutes before totality, but we were able to see most of the first part of the eclipse and were able to experience the darkness, temperature change, and animal confusion as the cicadas and frogs had different sound patterns.

Susie had visual aides prepared in case of clouds and was able to reenact the eclipse for us. :) Violet was able to see the first part of the eclipse, and Cora tried her best to be like the big kids. They both did great keeping the glasses on while looking.

Even though our viewing wasn’t optimal, it was a fun day that the girls will remember. While they may not remember the actual eclipse, they’ll remember feeding chickens, having a picnic party, and playing with friends in the dark at lunchtime.

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