Dates and pie

I realized I have not followed through on a deal that was made two years ago. Please refer to the following screen shot for the details of this agreement.

A long time ago, in a city far, far away… My friend Meghan had three kids and realized the cost of a babysitter was getting a little crazy. So she asked me about doing a date night swap. One night a week, after the kids were in bed, we switched off sitting in each other’s houses while the other couple went on a date.

This was a great idea! Brett and I have never had regular date nights because a sitter just isn’t in the budget. This was a good solution, and it worked out well until pregnancy exhaustion caught up with me, and I could barely make it past 8:30. 

One night when Meghan was on her date, she sent me the pie text. What was I supposed to say? And she did indeed bring me pie. Key lime pie from one of our favorite Austin restaurants. Amazing.

So I write about this to be good on our deal. And I want to share the date night swap idea for anyone else looking for babysitter options. 

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