The motive to move: What being close to family looks like for us

We had one reason for making the move from Austin back to Kansas – being closer to family. And y’all were thinking it was for the weather, I’m sure. We didn’t have a specific image of what the closer proximity would entail, but we have been so thankful for what it has looked like so far.


Sister dates! From cooking class to meeting Cary Elwes, from musicals to “late night” dollar store runs, I love the extra time with my sister!


Extra help! This has been huge as we had a short timeframe between moving and baby arrival. We had a ton of family help our first weekend in the house as we unpacked and tackled a few bigger projects. Then my parents painted the nursery as I had a nesting attack and we hadn’t found a painter yet.


Then, when we finally got the house painted, my parents took the girls (and me for part of the time) so we could be out of the fumes and mess. There was music and dancing and alpacas and Winnie the Pooh and all kinds of other fun.


My father-in-law and brother-in-law assembled the new stroller over Thanksgiving. My mother-in-law did landscaping. My sister-in-law did my dishes. (I was born into a handy family, and I married into a handy family; if something doesn’t get done around our house, it’s not for lack of helpful people) My in-laws are about 3 1/2 hours away, so we’ll be able to visit them every few months. And we’ve hosted some impromptu Christmas cousin tea time:


Welcome! New baby Cora got to meet all her grandparents and all our siblings within three weeks of being born.


It worked out well that my brother from Dallas had a trip planned already and was able to make early introductions.


Quality time! We moved close to family for more of the little moments. Like watching silly videos on the iPad.


Or bigger adventures like burning off some wiggles at a trampoline land.


And did I mention the free babysitting? ;) We are thankful for the opportunity to make this move, and we think this will be really wonderful for our kids (and us). It’s been great so far!

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