The girls and the Friday night lights

Maybe it’s the age, maybe it’s because they’re girls, maybe it’s just our family, but Hannah and Violet have very little knowledge of sports. Not the details of sports, I’m talking the ability to even identify if a game is baseball or hockey.

Experiences and visuals seem to help, so Brett and I decided it would be fun to take the girls to a high school football game. We live in the Olathe East district, and tonight was their last home game. And we were there!

The girls were looking forward to it all week. There was much discussion of mascots and school colors and helmets. The actual experience was even beyond their expectations. We sat next to the student section where most of the kids were wearing Halloween costumes, quite entertaining. Plus the band and the cheerleaders… And there was also a football game going on which got the least attention. But it doesn’t really hold your attention when almost every possession goes to four downs and ends in a turnover.

Hannah’s favorite part was probably getting popcorn. Violet’s favorite part was watching the hawk mascot and his shenanigans. “Birdie! I see the birdie!” The girls were transfixed by the halftime show, and Hannah declared color guard to be her life dream.

We headed out after the halftime show, but our adventures weren’t over. Hannah was exhausted and emotionally fragile, crying because she couldn’t be in high school right now to join color guard. I knew Violet had dirtied her diaper right before halftime, but when I laid her down in the car to change her I realized it was a full-blown blow-out. Poop everywhere. Just when I thought I’d gotten it cleaned up, I found more. All Brett and I could do was laugh as he kept running multiple trips to the trash can halfway across the parking lot. Laughing, I said to Violet, “I’m never feeding you beans again!”

Her clothes were unwearable, so all I could do was put on her sweatshirt for the ride home. Meanwhile, Hannah was having a total meltdown, and when we finally got Violet settled and asked Hannah what was going on, she cried, “Mommy said we’re never going to eat beans again!

So we had a half-dressed child, a stinky car, and a tired girl melting down over the thought that she would never consume another bean. The tired girl fell asleep on the ride home which the half-naked one found quite amusing.


Both girls fell asleep quickly at home, and I had to sit down and write. Because there are just those evenings you don’t want to forget. :)

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