Wildlife safari family day

No preschool today, so Brett took the day off for a fun family play day. It started with the girls not sleeping in. Woohoo for 6am. Then I was off to my running group. We are now running more than walking, eeeek. Three miles later, I was headed home, we ate lunch then hit the road for a safari!
Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch is a little over an hour south of us. Brett and I had been before kids and thought it would be fun to go back. It sure was! Here are a few pics from the drive through safari and the petting zoo.

Baby zebra


One of the goats grabbed a food bag out of Hannah’s hand and started eating it, and she started screaming. After that, she held the bag way up.

Baby goats

Yum yum, baby shirts are tasty.



Baby giraffe

Tired girl waiting for a snack.
Both girls were wiped out but had a blast! Mommy and Daddy are wiped out but had a blast. Off to relax with a glass of wine and ice dancing finals. From the wild to the civilized…

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