December Day 31: Happy Birthday to me

December 31st: Out of 31 days in December, I’ve managed 27 posts. Didn’t make it every day, but pretty close! So it ended up being 27 days of the mundane.
I think my birthdate is pretty fun. This year it was pretty laid-back. I spent the morning running errands like a crazy person since I didn’t have the kids with me. How hard is it to find a chocolate brown cardigan with 3/4 sleeves? Pretty darn hard.
This afternoon, Hannah and I went over to a friend’s house to exchange Christmas gifts and ended up staying awhile to watch baby sister and little brother while big brother went to urgent care for some crazy stomach pains. It was cute to watch Hannah and little brother play together, he is about six months older than Violet, so it is fun to get a glimpse of how playing will be different in a few months at our house. And of course sweet newborn time.

All seems to be well now for big brother, so hopefully they will enjoy a quiet evening.
For my birthday dinner (because going out on New Year’s Eve is a little crazy), I made risotto and shrimp. For dessert, a chocolate cheesecake pie.

Interesting point – all gluten free. Violet has been gluten free for about six weeks, and she definitely seems to be experiencing less tummy pain. We decided to all try GF for a while to see if she would get even better with me off as well, and we were curious to see if going GF would help with some things with Hannah. Brett is just along for the ride since I’m the chef, and he can eat all the donuts and pizza he wants on his own. ;)
So instead of graham crackers, the cheesecake crust was made of pecans, sunflower seeds and coconut oil, and it was yummy! Risotto is always tasty, and the shrimp was a treat.
Now I may or may not be off to have another slice of that cheesecake…

2 thoughts on “December Day 31: Happy Birthday to me

  1. Thanks for the great blogs this month! We appreciate your effort to write and take pictures nearly every day, which is no small undertaking in a busy household. It has been fun to follow you and your family through the routine and the special events that December has brought!

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