December Days 26-28: Moving weekend

December 26th-28th: Brett’s office is moving to a new building, so he has been working overtime this holiday season. That means lots of time at home for me and the girls. Today we headed to “My Gym” to get some wiggles out. I got a Groupon to “My Gym” last summer; they were offering passes to their “Active Play” room. It’s a large room set up with all kinds of gymnastics equipment, and you can drop in whenever and play as long as you want. This was perfect for the summer when it’s too hot to go to the park.
We used up our allotted Groupon visits over the summer, and Hannah kept asking to go back. Then, some family members gifted us with a membership for Christmas.

Of course, the benefit to Hannah seems obvious, given her level of energy, but today I could see the benefit for Violet. She was getting frustrated when unable to climb on things or get in or out of spaces. This is great! She scoots around happily at home with no attempt to climb or pull up or increase her mobility. But some things at “My Gym” made her mad, and that’s what’s good for her. ;)

1 thought on “December Days 26-28: Moving weekend

  1. Fun pictures. Glad to see Hannah trying out the climbing wall! It sounds like going to the gym may pull Violet out of her comfort zone and motivate her toward mobility!

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