December Day 19: Words

December 19: With two little girls, there are a lot of words in our house.
Violet, at 14 months, says several words: Daddy, Hannah, kitty, dog, snack, ball, please, juice, jacket, socks, hi, baby, cookie, cheers. Of course, these are not necessarily traditionally pronounced, but they are consistent and recognizable.
Hannah talks a lot and is starting to think about the sounds in words. Today, we were sitting in the Chickfila drive-thru line, and I was explaining why we wouldn’t eat inside the restaurant.

Me: There are a lot of barf germs in Austin right now, so we don’t want to catch any barf germs from some kids at Chickfila.
Hannah: Are there a lot of germs in Germany?
Me: Um, probably some… Why?
Hannah: Because it’s called GERMany.

Harharhar. Put that girl to work for Laffy Taffy.

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