December Day 10: Sick day

December 10: Day two of sick Hannah, and Violet is also down with the crud. Snot, coughing, gunky eyes… just general ickiness. Violet felt too crummy to nap this morning, evidently, so when the going gets tough, the tough go to Trader Joe’s. Abandon ship!
The girls were pretty happy with their outing, but Violet lost it at the end. Just in time, Hannah procured an orange sucker from who knows where and stuffed it in her mouth. Big sister for the win. I’m busy paying for groceries while she’s got it covered.


Later, in the afternoon, Hannah announced she wanted to lay down and then fell asleep for two hours. Meanwhile, Violet woke up from her nap in a better mood and attempted to put Hannah’s shoes on her baby doll. I like the tongue out in concentration.

To keep everyone awake and happy until dinner, we had some extra TV time. Our usual is two shows on Netflix which totals 45 minutes, so even double that is well below the national average. Mellow kiddos.

It’s hard to see them feel so crummy, but I haven’t minded having a couple quiet days.

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