December Day 8: Quiet Sunday

December 8: I have resolved to start setting out everyone’s church clothes the night before. I’m hoping this will stop the Sunday scramble and arguments.
“Where’s the shoe?”
“No, you’re not wearing those socks with those shoes.”
“There must be clean leggings somewhere.”
“It’s 34 degrees, you cannot wear sandals.”
“Nope, you wore that last week…”
“Shoot, I forgot to wash that sweater.”
I’ll try to remember next week and give the report. It’s not like we dress super fancy to go to church, it just seems like things just don’t come together smoothly on Sunday mornings. And Hannah likes to give input about her outfits as usual. I exercise more veto power on Sundays than usual. Then when she comes home she can put on whatever she wants. Today, she selected this as the best outfit for baking muffins.

We’ve been printing multiple variations of our Christmas card to get the right contrast balance. Things just don’t print exactly like they look on the computer.

I think we’ve settled on one. I designed it myself this year, experimenting with some design skills.
We went out to dinner and all wore our cozy boots. Except Brett, he sported non-cozy footwear.


2 thoughts on “December Day 8: Quiet Sunday

  1. I thought I was the only one with those kind of Sunday mornings! This morning Eli went to church with a completely mismatched outfit because I was behind on laundry and Colin showed up with only 1 shoe. However, I stopped laying clothes out the night before because it just prolonged the arguments and hard work…I’ve just accepted this crazy life.

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