December Day 1: Tree up

A few blogs I read have done various “Number Days of…” Most common was the 30 days of thankfulness recently, and there were several in October I already forgot. I don’t know if I can stick with a theme, but I thought the goal to blog every day for a month would at least be interesting.
So here I go, daily updates for December. I’ll call it “31 Days on Olive Street” or something equally mundane, don’t want to promise anything too thematic or exciting.
And yes, I know I’m starting this two days late, so today you’ll get a triple whammy. Good thing this isn’t a New Year’s resolution, or I’d already be failing.
December 1: We put up the Christmas tree. Half the lights are burned out, so we’ll make due and retire it after this year. Easily remedied with some extra strands, the old-fashioned way. Lots of excitement from the girls.





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