Last – Five Minute Friday

My first link-up… Crossing my fingers this all works…

Five Minute Friday

Today I’m joining Five Minute Friday, a link-up where hundreds of bloggers write on the same topic and post their links together. Each Friday, a new word is posted, and the challenge is five minutes of writing – unedited, real and flowing.

As an English major, I took a creative writing class in college. We were supposed to write essays each week. Essays? I thought, no sweat. I can crank those out, no problem; I had the formula down. Five paragraphs, thesis statement, blah blah, three points, closing paragraph. But in creative writing class, my products were stiff and formulaic… because that’s exactly what I was doing. I had to let go of the comfort of my five-paragraph form and re-train my brain.

That’s kind of how I feel right now. Wow, five minutes goes fast.

Today’s prompt: Last


After eight months as a “host family” for an international student, we were saying goodbye before she went home to Korea. To mark the occasion, we went out for a sweet treat. Cupcakes!

The last time to see her. It’s hard to make those final moments count. You feel like some significant wisdom should be passed. Significant memories should be made. The last words, the last moments. Must be just right.

But maybe they were. Cupcakes and giggles, then tears and goodbyes. Sprinkles help.

12 thoughts on “Last – Five Minute Friday

  1. very sweet and I am sure those will be memories you all hold close to your heart for a long time! Cupcakes make everything better! hugs! FMF friend:)

  2. I’m sure those are memories you will have forever! Cupcakes or chocolate in general make everything better! hugs FMF friend

  3. Ha ha love it! Sprinkles do help! ;) I joined FMF about three weeks ago and I’m completely addicted to it now. Its a great way to express yourself. I find five minutes way too short as well.

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