Cup of cake

We have the “Mr.” and “Little Miss” books, and Hannah has recently discovered these classic little squares of fun. In “Mr. Funny,” the quirky title character finishes by having a “cup of cake.”
How silly!
Or is it?
I’d tried a couple mug cakes before, so I thought it would be a fun and spontaneous tie-in to make our own Mr. Funny snack. I did a quick internet search and gave Hannah the choice of flavor. She picked vanilla and I found a recipe. We each mixed our ingredients in small bowls and took our turns in the microwave. Hannah was delighted!
I had vanilla coconut milk on hand this week as our non-dairy option, so I used that as the milk sub. Sooooo good. Just writing about it makes me want another one…
If you haven’t tried a mug cake, give it a shot. There are a lot of recipes out there, and it’s a fun quick treat. A cup of cake!

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