Crawfish boil

Our first crawfish boil! We went to Waterloo Ice House, a local chain with good drink specials for adults and a fun playscape for the kiddos. They had a plastic pool filled with live crawfish just for the kids to play with.

Hannah thought this was pretty fun. She spent 15 minutes catching them before moving on to the playscape. Lunch was a bit of an adventure. We got a pile of crawfish and a chicken strip plate to share. This was a lot for the little table. The guy who brought the food put a steaming bowl of gravy right in front of Violet (dude, grrrr) which of course she immediately stuck her hand into. At the exact moment she started crying, Hannah started shrieking that the (cooked) crawfish she was holding pinched her. The guy did have some serious claws.

So everyone was looking at the crazy table with the crying gravy-hand baby and the preschooler suffering from some sort of crawfish amputation. We finally got everyone calmed down, and after a couple bites of the crawfish, Hannah decided she just wanted to play outside. Brett and I attacked the rest of the crustaceans while keeping Violet occupied with carrots.

The aftermath.

Hannah was happy playing the whole time but of course announced she was hungry as soon as we got into the car. Gotta wait til snack time, honey. The whole adventure took two hours; Brett and I decided it was a fun thing to try, but crawfish are sure a lot of work for half a bite. We were thankful for the playscape to keep Hannah occupied. I think it’ll be a few more years before we try another family crawfish boil outing.

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