With our long Easter weekend last year, I scored a good online deal and we got a rustic cabin in the hill country for several days. We decided to try a shorter outing for one night this year and got a hotel suite just up the road in Round Rock. We picked a suite that has an actual separated bedroom so we could put the girls to bed then hang out a while.
Hannah was most excited about swimming. Unfortunately, the pool was outdoors and not heated. I only put my feet in and lost feeling quickly and got out. Violet cried when I dipped her legs in. Brett was a trooper and stood on the top step while a goosebump-covered Hannah played for about 20 minutes. So that didn’t go as we hoped. But Violet was super cute in her swimsuit.

The hotel had fruit in the lobby, so on our way back from the pool, Hannah picked a giant green apple to tackle.

Then we had dinner. Since we had a small kitchen in our suite, I decided to be frugal and fun by making ramen noodles for supper. These were a big hit with Hannah.


After dinner, we put Violet down and made popcorn while watching “Tangled.” We tried putting Hannah down, but she would not stay on her cot. We tried various things with no success and decided to just let her stay up. About this time, we all got really hungry. My attempt at a frugal and fun dinner just didn’t cut it. So Brett went out to get take-out from Chili’s.

The food made everyone feel better but then the Jayhawks lost, so we were sad. We also realized the only way Hannah was going to go to sleep was if we all went to bed together. So we settled in the king bed like a cute co-sleeping Ikea commercial and big girl and daddy were asleep in minutes. Violet woke up during this time, and when I was done feeding her, she didn’t feel like going back to sleep. She figured out that the raised bed of the pack and play had a little wiggle to it, so if she whipped her legs up and down really fast then it would start swinging. This was apparently hilarious because I got to lay there for quite a while listening to her giggle while shaking her legs around.
This morning we headed home after a tasty breakfast. A highlight of Hannah’s trip was using her very own suitcase.

Of course, since she had shorted herself three hours of sleep by staying up late and waking up early (ugh), she wasn’t in a great mood the rest of the day. This was the car ride to church for the 5pm service:

Both girls fast asleep.
So that was our “staycation.” To sum up: pool=fail, dinner=fail, bedtime=fail, Jayhawks=lost. But Hannah thought it was fantastic. And even though it didn’t go quite like I hoped, I thought it was fun and would do it again with some tweaks.
Happy Easter!

2 thoughts on “Staycation

  1. Hannah will remember the fun and not the fails.

    Remember when we did a staycation in Kansas City? The pool at the hotel was out of order plus we had car trouble. It was still a great outing!

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