Break in the weather

We definitely don’t expect any white Christmases in Texas, but we have already had some chilly weather this winter. It got down to the 30s which is pretty cold for us (no snarky comments from the Kansas fam, please, I know…). The last week has been rainy every day, but we got a two-day break before more is on its way according to the weather map. So we made the most of it by hitting the Zilker Park train.

We got there a little early and ate a picnic lunch while sitting on the train. It’s a little tricky to do group shots when it’s just me and the girls, but we tried.

Then, all aboard, we were off! I think this is seriously the best $5 of entertainment in Austin. A 25 minute ride with lots to look at and a tunnel. And Keep Austin Weird – I was one of three mommas nursing on the train, and there was a high count of guys with tattoos holding pink sippy cups. There is a fun playground right next to the train with a lot to do, including a fire truck.

I’m not looking forward to the rain coming back tomorrow, but of course we need it. For now, I’m enjoying this gorgeous day with my gorgeous girls.

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