CSA box #3

This week: carrots, kale, fennel, potatoes, green tomatoes, basil, summer squash, mint, onions, cucumbers and beets. Ugh, this fennel is killing me. I hope fennel season is over soon. Anyway, the rest I was excited about.

Simple supper first: roasted summer squash with whole grain pasta and lemon basil pesto.

Seriously good.

The green tomatoes were a new one for me, and all I knew to do with them was the classic fried green tomatoes. So I found a simple recipe and gave it a shot.

This was grilling night, and Brett did hot dogs and our CSA potatoes (white and purple!). We also tried some “alcohol-removed” wine. Not a winner.

Another meal this week was a steak and mushroom stir-fry with a ginger soy sauce. Just used onions from our CSA box, but I had to take this picture of Hannah helping me cook. She helped me wipe off the mushrooms, then I set her up with this little cutting board and a plastic knife. It wasn’t sharp enough to actually cut anything, but she loved this!

The beets – I roasted them the last two times so I wanted to do something different this week. I roasted them whole, pureed them, and did a beet risotto. I’m finding risotto is like stir-fry or quesadillas – you can throw anything random in it.

It definitely wins the colorful award for the week. I topped it with some baked kale chips (a whole-family favorite). There were some leftovers which I served with some roasted chicken the next night. Really good together.

2 thoughts on “CSA box #3

  1. Great photos of fun dinners and a cute assistant! You’ve seriously motivated me to start my menu project next week, trying a new recipe each week. I’m so excited to be working just part-time for the summer!

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