Oven cleaning semi-fail

My oven glass has been bugging me for a while. Especially since Hannah loves to turn the light on and check out what I’m baking. We could barely even see what was in there!

I tried every cleaning product I own – I even used Bon Ami. This resulted in a minuscule amount of improvement. Then I found a blog post on this specific topic – Cleaning Oven Glass. I decided it was worth a shot.


With the baking soda paste on

After 15 minutes, it looked pretty much just like before; I forgot to take a picture. Barely noticeable difference. Fail.

Then Brett took pity on me and wanted to show off his manly scrubbing skills, so he volunteered to give it some more elbow grease. The baking soda paste may have loosened up some of the grime, but I think it was the extra intense scrubbing that made real headway.

Much better! Unfortunately, there’s still a lot of baked-on brown-ness. Any tips on getting this truly clean?

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