Doll diaper project

I like little crafty projects that I can knock out in less than an hour with scraps I have lying around. Plus, I like crafts that are useful, not just clutter. As I was lost in the clicky-linky-magic that is the blog world, I found a tutorial on DIY doll diapers. I had all the materials on hand, and I knew Hannah would enjoy the product.

She loves to play with her baby dolls, and she tries to put her size 5 diapers on them which doesn’t work very well. These little ones with velcro seemed worth a shot.

If you have a little girl in your house, check out the tutorial because the instructions and pictures were good, and it was a fun evening project. I made two in less than an hour.

Yes, I should have checked the right-side-upness of the birds before cutting the second one. But otherwise, they turned out really cute, and Hannah is enjoying easy doll diapers that fit.

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