Small world

We got a new dining table. We checked various stores, outlets, websites, Craigslist. In an attempt to limit our purchases of new items this year, we decided Craigslist was the way to go, and we found a table that met our criteria and exchanged several emails with the seller. Normal Craigslist stuff.

Then I got online to register for a local adoption conference next month. The speakers were listed. I paused and blinked. There was a name … that seems familiar … the table lady!?!?


Out of the freakin’ hundreds of dining tables on Craigslist, we happened to buy the one listed by a passionate adoptive family with five kids who we get to hear next month. Crazy small world.

When we picked up the table, we could have chatted a long time, but you can imagine that with six kids running around (Hannah jumped right in the mix) and a table to disassemble and load, there was a lot going on. It was just neat to make a connection, and we left saying, “See ya in a few weeks.” Not normal Craigslist stuff.

Now we just need to decide how we want to paint/stain the table and chairs…

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