Movie recommendations: Christmas

Tis the season to light a fire, make some hot chocolate (preferably with a touch of Bailey’s Irish Creme) and curl up with a festive movie. Here are a few of our favorites, starting with two blatantly Christmasy movies:

White Christmas – Two showbiz pros follow some singing sisters to a run-down inn in Vermont. They find their old army general and come up with a plan to help him. – A classic, of course. Super cheesy and a ridiculous plot line, but it makes you smile and the songs tend to get stuck in your head. “Lord, help the mister who comes between me and my sister. And Lord, help the sister who comes between me and my man.”

Elf – A human is raised as an elf and then goes to find his biological father in New York City as an adult. But his father is on the Naughty List. – I did not want to like this movie. I didn’t want to be associated with those crazy cult followers who watch it every night in December, and we don’t even “do” Santa in our family. But it’s just funny, not to mention highly quotable. “Smiling’s my favorite!”

The rest are not officially Christmas movies, but we found ourselves associating them with the Christmas season:

While You Were Sleeping – A lonely single girl in Chicago saves a man’s life then is confused for his fiancee. While he is in a coma, his family takes her in for the holidays and she finds herself falling for the brother. – I can quote this entire movie. It just doesn’t get old. “These mashed potatoes are so creamy!” (I could put in about 100 quotes here but I will stop with one)

The Holiday – Two women switch houses over the holidays to escape from old relationships, but new relationships have their own complications – This is probably more of a “chick flick,” but it has a few twists that put it beyond the usual formulaic plot lines. Good casting.

You’ve Got Mail – A man and woman meet in a chat room and then in real life, unaware of their identities. – My dad can quote almost every Tom Hanks line in this movie. It’s funny and just makes you feel good. There are several scenes during the holidays including a joyless cashier, an angry turkey carving and some consumption of caviar … garnish or not? “More like 152 insights into my soul.”

Please comment with your favorite Christmas movie or your favorite line from one of these listed.

5 thoughts on “Movie recommendations: Christmas

  1. I love all of these movies too! And might I add one of my favorite Christmas quotes- “Horses! Horses! Horses!” from Sleepless in Seattle

  2. I agree, I so did not want to like Elf for all the reasons you stated and others but I do enjoy it. We also do not do Santa but the kids and I have already watched this movie several times and we just laugh at it throughout. We also like several of the classics like “Christmas Vacation” just so stupid but we keep watching.

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