Thankful for a rainy day

It rained! This has become more of a big deal than I ever thought it would. So when Hannah said she wanted to go outside to play, I said, “Sure!”

She ran around, splashed in the puddles, laid on the wet driveway and informed me she was swimming. After a while, she got a little cold and joined me in the garage for a snack. We just enjoyed watching the rain.

We could hear happy birds everywhere, and a giant raccoon ran across the road. We also found this little guy in the yard.

He was so cool I had to run inside for my good camera.

Then we headed inside to change into dry clothes. Hannah has been talking about the snail ever since.

1 thought on “Thankful for a rainy day

  1. Yay!!! Although, if it had been me and Finn, after getting the good camera, I would have taught Finn to say “Ewwww” about the snail ;) Bad habit, I know, but I find creepy-crawlies to be pretty ewwww. Yay for rain!!!

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