Thankful for the freezer

I’m taking the week off cooking. I truly enjoy making meals, but it’s a really crazy week – scheduled activities each day plus I’ll be gone two evenings doing fun stuff with friends.

So I’m not cooking. I looked in my freezer and calculated that my stockpile of meals will keep us well-fed for a week with little more effort than thawing and re-heating. Some of the stuff has been in the freezer for a while anyway and needs to get eaten.

Our menu:

I’ll just get some salad and bread to go with the pasta and soup, and we’ll be good! That’ll be great for the grocery budget this week, too. I like to freeze recipes that can be a complete meal in themselves like soup or casseroles that have protein and veggies. And all these meals were made from scratch, taking only a little extra time weeks/months ago to prepare.

So this busy week I am thankful for my freezer – it’s putting something on the plates so I can take something off mine.

2 thoughts on “Thankful for the freezer

  1. What is your reheat method? I have frozen some food while Joel has been gone, because I didn’t want to throw it out, but didn’t want to be eating it for 2 weeks by myself. But I’m not entirely sure how to reheat it. Crock-pot?

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