The empty cart

Shopping with a toddler is a strategic game. I have to play offense and defense. Most common is defense – putting shoes back on, saying no, putting items back on the shelves, saying no, blocking from grabbing more items. Most of the offense is distraction techniques to keep a good mood going – look at the baby, there’s a dog on that package, let’s find the diapers.

After dropping Hannah off at preschool, I swung by Target for a few items. My time of freedom! Quiet shopping!

I was lonely.

I missed my little helper pointing out every animal on every package we passed. I missed her excitement about every baby we’d see (and there were a lot). I even kind of missed putting her shoes back on after she rips them off at the very sight of the shoe section saying “I on! I try!” I missed asking, “What do we need at the store?” to which she always replies, “I need applesauce.”

I was even actually buying applesauce. She would have been so happy.

So if I really need something urgently, I’ll continue to make quick trips to the store while she’s at school, but I think I like our usual team-shopping better.

4 thoughts on “The empty cart

  1. Wow – sounds like you have a much easier time shopping with Hannah. I always feel like I’m speed shopping – trying to get as much into my cart in the shortest amount of time, because soon enough Finn will be saying “Out! Down!” and it is REALLY hard to keep him from climbing out of the cart. I would love to have a moment to go shopping by myself!

  2. How do you try clothes on when you have a toddler with you – that’s what I need to learn ;) Finn is always crawling under the dressing room door or opening the door while I’m changing. And I can’t just order online since I’m buying maternity clothes and definitely need to try them on first. :(

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