Hannah’s first wheels

This story starts two years ago. We used to have neighbors next door who had two elementary-aged daughters. They were nice neighbors and would come feed our cat when we were on vacation. After 20 years in that house, they decided to “move up” to a nicer neighborhood and sold the house (to the “frat boys” as we refer to them”).

Anyway, as we were on our way to the hospital the day Hannah was born, we were able to share the exciting news with them as they loaded up their last few belongings and were leaving for good. We thought that was the last time we’d see them.

When Hannah was a few weeks old, I got a random knock on my door. There was Brian our old neighbor holding a tricycle. They had been going through stuff at the new house and decided the girls had outgrown it. Their sweet thought was to bring it for our family to enjoy in the future.

Recently, we rediscovered it in the shed and thought Hannah might be big enough to have some some fun with it. It was a family project: Daddy aired up the tires, Hannah cleaned it off and Mommy took pictures.

Then she was on her way. Her feet are a little too short to hit the pedals, so she needed some help to get around.

I guess this is her serious biker face. After some seat adjustment…

… Hannah was able to touch the ground with her feet and propel herself that way. And you can probably tell from the pictures which dog likes to stay close to her.

It was a pleasant afternoon, and she spent a long time maneuvering this thing through the bumpy backyard.

What a fun hand-me-down from a sweet family.

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