Wild West Fest

This morning we headed about 20 miles west to Dripping Springs for their Wild West Fest. They had kids’ activities, rodeo events, booths and food cook-offs for chili, salsa and pie. This is not a huge event, just enough to keep our little family entertained for just the right amount of time.

And lunch! My Frito pie had homemade chili and queso, and Brett’s BBQ sandwich had been smoked right next to the concession booth.

My lunch - Coke and Frito pie, soooo good!


Brett had a BBQ sandwich and Hannah had a hot dog. We watched horse events while eating.


She got to "help" take the donkey on an obstacle course.


Time to brush the donkeys.


All the donkeys were so gentle and laid-back.


These little boots got some Texas dust on them today.

This was a really fun family activity. Hannah loved seeing all the animals, and all the teenage girls who helped with everything (probably 4Hers) were so sweet with her. It was very affordable, too – parking, activities and lunch all totaled $20. I think we’ll put it on the calendar for next year, too.

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