Dinner tonight – Fancy acorn squash

We picked up some acorn squash at the Farmers Market – this is one of Brett’s fall favorites. I usually just roast it as a side dish with melted butter and brown sugar. This time, I decided to find a more exciting recipe and use it as a vegetarian main dish. After all, acorn squash is a bit of a seasonal splurge, so we should make it the star of the meal!

There are a lot of stuffed squash recipes to be found, but one stood out with simple ingredients and a unique concept – Roasted Corn Pudding in Acorn Squash. It was easy to make and quite delicious. There is supposed to be cheese sprinkled on top according to the recipe, but I didn’t have any and I’d skip it next time, too.

I served it with garlic toast, and it was a very filling dinner. I also saved energy by cooking it all in the toaster oven. The two halves of the squash fit perfectly.

2 thoughts on “Dinner tonight – Fancy acorn squash

    • We really liked it. We only got one squash, so we didn’t have extra for Hannah. Probably should have gotten another one because I think she would have liked it.

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