New world of answered questions

Toddler linguistics can be something of a game. Hannah is quite verbal for her age which is nice, but we frequently play Guess the Word, “Walk? Look? Work?” She has a very large vocabulary and loves to identify everything possible. Actual conversations are almost happening.

Answering questions is still tricky. Her answer for any “where” question is “Right there.” – “Where is the blanket?” “Right there.” “Where is your cup?” “Right there.” “Where is Daddy?” “Right there.” It doesn’t matter where the object or person actually is, there is the same answer.

Questions about school get little response, same for any questions about recent activities. A question I really want to get an answer to is, “Where does it hurt?” I usually get a tearful, “Hurt. Yes.”

Today was a turning point. When we got home from preschool, I asked, “What did you have for lunch?” She thought a moment and answered with a smile, “Pizza!” I was flabbergasted – I asked a question and got a real answer! I ask this question every Wednesday (pizza day at school) and she has previously always answered, “Munch. Yes.”

Later today she had an awkward climb off a chair and said, “Owie.” I asked, “Where does it hurt?” She said, “Hurts bottom.” Another real answer!

Now if only we can get her to stop adding “too” to everything and convince her that saying “poopy poopy poopy” loudly through the library may not be appropriate.

2 thoughts on “New world of answered questions

  1. This is all too familiar :) We usually ask Finn yes/no questions to get a better success-rate… “Do your teeth hurt?” vs. “What hurts?” :) Of course, his default to questions he doesn’t understand is yes, so you have to be careful. If you ask him where something is, though, he can either go find it or he says things like “Upstairs”. We are now getting 2 word sentences, such as “Hug Cyrus” and “Daddy Bye bye?”. Now if only “No” wasn’t such a strong part of his vocab ;) Yay for Hannah and Finn – can’t believe they’re almost 2!!!

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