Dinner tonight – Moroccan lentil soup

I recently read the autobiography of a missionary to Morocco. One food item kept appearing over and over – lentils. So, to get a more authentic experience after reading the book, I found a recipe for Moroccan Lentil Soup. I chose this one because it had easy ingredients and utilizes my favorite appliance, my slow-cooker. The originator of the recipe wrote of her difficulty actually finding lentils in the grocery store. I will brag a little that I am no stranger to lentils and know exactly where to find them; for this recipe I hit up the bulk bins.

The smell was tantalizing us all day, very fall-ish with all the spices. And it tasted great! Hannah prefers her food ingredients to be separated, but even she ate quite a bit. She really liked the carrots; I should have put more in.

The bread is a whole wheat sourdough we picked up at the farmer’s market. The soup recipe makes a lot, so we have nice big bowl-fulls and more for freezing. Yum!

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