New fridge

Update to the fridge situation – we got our new fridge last Wednesday and are getting used to it. We are very sure we made the right choice. This is one of the only ones that would fit in our space, and it was definitely the best option.

Hannah was a trooper; we spent three days refrigerator shopping. We measured and re-measured. She liked the tape measure.

She tried to help with the fridge.

Would it also be fun to measure the cat?

As a PSA, I’d like to mention that apparently cats do not enjoy being measured. Anyway, here’s our new fridge with Bingley making a cameo.

You might say, “It looks likes there’s at least an inch from the top of the fridge to the cabinet, you could have gone bigger.” But what the picture doesn’t show is that the cabinets were hung crooked and the right side bottom is lower than the left side bottom. Fun stuff. The ice maker is very loud, but I have twice as much produce storage which is wonderful. With a little shelf adjustment, I think we have good places for everything.

After six days without a working refrigerator, I have never been so thankful for this amazing appliance.

3 thoughts on “New fridge

  1. What’s a PSA? I Googled it and got results of things like Plano Skating Association, Professional Soccer Authority and Prostate Specific Antigen.

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