Dinner tonight – Asian burgers with cucumber salad

While in Oklahoma with the extended family, we took turns cooking dinner each night. My sister- and brother-in-law grilled burgers and introduced us to Allegro marinade. This stuff is good! I picked some up as soon as we got home and planned to do an Asian-inspired summer cookout. The Hot and Spicy marinade’s ingredients are basically soy sauce, lime juice, garlic and red pepper – perfect for an Asian burger. Main dish done.

The side dish made me think for a while. There are several recipes for Asian coleslaws, but I wanted something new to try. We picked up some cucumbers at the Farmer’s Market, and my sister gave me a recipe for Sesame Cucumber Salad. Side dish done.

The burgers were spicy and juicy, and the cucumber salad was cold, crisp and tangy. Serious yum. Brett also grilled some mushroom skewers, and we added some kettle-cooked chips because they’re just really good. He pronounced these his favorite cucumbers ever. We enjoyed mixing Asian flavors with American cookout staples for this tasty summer meal.

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