First day of preschool

Big day for a big girl! The morning started with a serious case of bed head.

Brett made us French toast for breakfast, we addressed the wacky hair and we gathered the supplies. Now on to the front porch for pictures!

I had a cute idea of her standing with a sign, this didn’t play out into reality. The idea of standing still and smiling at the camera didn’t play out into reality. But this is pretty darn close.

When we dropped her off, she was pushing on the classroom door to get in – very enthusiastic! She said goodbye easily (as normal) and we were on our way. Now, what to do with the next five hours… I cleaned, did some laundry and had a lunch date with Brett. According to the schedule, Hannah had playtime, Bible story time, went outside, and had pizza for lunch. Her teachers said that nap time was rough; she was so tired that she just cried and asked for mommy. Hopefully, she’ll get used to the schedule and take advantage of nap time in the future.

The teacher said Hannah had a lot of fun and especially liked playing outside. She also remarked, “She has such a large vocabulary!”

Tonight, Brett asked, “What did you learn about today?” and to our surprise Hannah promptly answered, “Jesus.” I think we’re off to a good start!

2 thoughts on “First day of preschool

  1. That is awesome!!!!! Nap time will probably be rough on her for a while, but once she gets settled in the routine it should be easier. I know Finn doesn’t nap as long at daycare, but when you have 9 other kiddos who could wake you up, it’s a wonder that he sleeps at all. I can’t wait to have Finn start preschool in Alabama :) Yay!

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