Preschool open house

Hannah starts preschool next week, and Thursday night we got to go to her classroom and meet her teachers. It was a lot of people in one room – ten 2-year-olds plus parents and babies – so it was a little chaotic but good to get an idea of the class. The teachers, Ms. Barbara and Ms. Joanne, seem really nice and have been at the preschool for several years.

Hannah was very excited to be in the room and was walking all around investigating everything. Most of her classmates are older than her and talkative as well. There is another Hannah in the class, so I’m going to have to relabel our items from “Hannah” to “Hannah W.” The other Hannah is in a set of identical twins, so I’m sure she’s already used to name confusion.

Another girl in the class has a peanut allergy, so we will be a nut-free room. This isn’t too big of a deal since Hannah isn’t a super peanut butter fan anyway. But we’ll still be careful about what we send as there can be peanuts in granola bars, snack mixes, etc. I only have to pack a lunch on Mondays since Wednesday is pizza day (we bring $1 and the school orders Papa John’s). I think Hannah will be pretty excited when she figures that out.

There’s the pro-education saying that “School is cool,” and to Hannah that is really the case. Her word for school is “cool.” She had a lot of fun, and I foresee the first day going well. And since the first day is Wednesday, it’s pizza day; she is going to be so happy. :)

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