Movie recommendations – Man-approved fluff

When it comes to watching movies, Brett is a good sport with my preferences. I am very sensitive to any kind of suspense, violence, and disturbing images. I get scary dreams and freak out about little things. Basically, I don’t enjoy watching much other than “chick flicks.” Since we only have one TV and enjoy watching things together, Brett is subjected to female-dominated fluff on a regular basis.

Here are a few we’ve watched recently:

From Prada to Nada – Modern Jane Austen adaptations can be cheesy, but I definitely believe her plots are timeless. This is a spin-off of “Sense and Sensibility” that takes place in modern LA. Orphaned Hispanic sisters Nora and Mary are left penniless and forced to live in more humble surroundings with their extended family. I liked their adaptations of the “Sense and Sensibility” plot, and there were lots of funny situations as the girls were adjusting to their new lifestyle. Brett’s take: It’s a cute date movie and the plot works well from a cultural standpoint.

Wild Target – This is not exactly a chick flick, but I was the one who suggested we watch it. Really funny and has Emily Blunt, that guy from Harry Potter and a famous British actor who I’m not familiar with. A professional killer falls in love with his next “job.” Everything goes awry, all with straight-faced British comedy. There was a little bit of blood and suspense, but I did okay with it. Brett’s take: Hilarious! It’s like The Professional meets Get Smart, but with British humour. Great acting from Emily Blunt, Rupert Grint and Bill Nighy. As a side note, Rupert and Bill acted together in Harry Potter.

Drop Dead Diva – This is a series on Lifetime that I came across accidentally. We don’t have cable, but I watched Season 1 on streaming Netflix, Season 2 on DVDs from Netflix, and now we’re in Season 3 through Deb, a model, dies and is put in the body of Jane, a smart lawyer who does not exactly have the same body type. This falls somewhere between a drama and comedy. There are court cases in each episode as well as the ongoing storyline of Jane/Deb adjusting to her new life. Brett’s take: I like it. For those who don’t care to watch the gore in the “other” legal shows, Drop Dead Diva is a great alternative. A fun dramedy for everyone.

Arranged – On my list of all-time favorites. It’s an independent movie about girls in New York going through the process of an arranged marriage. One is from a traditional Muslim family, the other from an Orthodox Jewish family. They become friends and realize they have much in common when it comes to wanting love. It is a peek into different cultures and has a light tone with many funny moments. Brett’s take: It’s documentary-like, so it’s interesting without being overly chick flicky.

Tangled – I guess this isn’t a chick flick as much as it is a family movie, but we both thought this one was a lot of fun. It will be a couple years before we actually watch it as a family, but I think this is just as enjoyable for adults to watch as kids. The evil witch lady is flat out emotionally abusive, but she is not as scary as many other Disney villains. We laughed all the way through this one. Brett’s take: Ditto.

Twilight – I do not usually follow hype, but a few months ago I was convinced to read the “Twilight” books and watch the movies. Fluff and cheese, but quite entertaining. I’m a little too excited about the next one coming out in November. Brett’s take: Total cheese. Stephanie Meyer has an interesting take on fairy tales, but if I’m watching vampires, I want action.

1 thought on “Movie recommendations – Man-approved fluff

  1. We LOVED Tangled!!!! One of my favorite kids movies lately – I definitely want to buy it! We also really liked How to Train Your Dragon. Have you seen Becoming Jane? I love it, but Joel definitely can’t sit through it ;) So, not sure if Brett could either. I love movies! And yes, twilight is all fluff and cheese, but I still love it more than I typically care to admit :)

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