Snack confusion

Just like normal, I got Hannah in her high chair after nap and asked her what she wanted for snack. “Sassoo,” was her quick response. I am pretty familiar with her language, but this word was not registering. She repeated it several times insistently.

I ran through the list of normal snack items, “Fishies? Crackers? Cereal?” all met with a, “No, sassoo!” She was starting to get frustrated.

Finally, I had an idea. I unbuckled her from the chair and put her down. “Where is the sassoo?” I said. “Can you find it for me?” She walked into the kitchen and started tugging on the freezer door. She must be confused, there are no snacks in the freezer, so I opened the fridge door. Nope.

She continued to pull on the freezer door, so I opened it as she was excitedly chanting, “Sassoo, sassoo!” And there on the bottom shelf were the popsicles! Sassoo accomplished! Happy snack.

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