Estes Park rodeo parade

One day of our Colorado adventure, most of the group went off to hike the Twin Sisters peaks. Melody, Hannah and I stayed home to have a more relaxed day of toddler play and nap time. For a morning excursion, we headed to downtown Estes Park, planning to look around the shops. However, our arrival conveniently coincided with the Estes Park Rooftop Rodeo Parade. The streets were already packed with people, but we managed to squeeze in a spot to catch all the fun.

There were lots of horses and patriotism.

This was a great activity – we sat still while all the entertainment walked by.

There were lots of pretty ladies waving on horses. Even Miss Rodeo America was there (she had a crown, this is not her).

Parades are an excellent event for toddlers because of the continuous entertainment with lots of waving, clapping and yelling. Perfect!

This is a little cheesy but undoubtably the cutest part of the parade: a miniature horse wearing a birthday hat and an American flag while being “ridden” by a teddy bear. Small town parade – yes.

Every parade has people throwing candy; this was no exception. Hannah got a sucker – guess what color.

The parade was a major win! It transfixed a toddler for over half an hour – amazing. Though the ordeal of getting the sticky blue mess off the toddler in a crowded McDonald’s bathroom killed most of the happy mood. Oh well, still a great morning.

2 thoughts on “Estes Park rodeo parade

  1. I can’t believe she sat still for that long! Not that she’s so out-of-control, but because I don’t think that would have ever happened with Finn. He’d be wanting to walk in the parade and say hi to everyone who was watching him ;) He’s also probably like to throw the candy at people, and then snag it back, lick it, and then throw it again! Woohoo for Hannah!!!

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