The big kid class

This week our church is having VBS. They are great and have childcare for the little ones whose moms are volunteering. I figured Hannah would be in her normal room where they basically just play and sometimes go for a ride on the mega-stroller. But this week she was bumped up to the 2’s class, and it is a big switch. They have a special snack, go to large group music time, do crafts, and play outside.

Headed to VBS

I was initially concerned that Hannah wouldn’t be able to handle all these activities. She’s too little, right? Maybe she doesn’t belong with these “big kids.” I told her teacher that I had no qualms about putting her back into the younger class if things didn’t work out.

I decided to peek at her in the large group time to see how she was doing. What a surprise! My baby was staying with her class, dancing to the music, doing the song motions, watching the videos, pointing at the people on stage – totally engaged and behaved. My heart hurt a little; my baby is growing up. She’s exceeding my expectations and adjusting to big new experiences that I didn’t think she was ready for. Turns out, maybe I was the one not ready for them.

Though with getting up early and her full morning at VBS, she comes home exhausted and doesn’t even nap well. I’m looking forward to getting back to our regular routine. But I’m glad she’s enjoying her new adventure. At random times in the afternoon, she’ll grab her bag, go to the door and say, “Friends. Church.”

3 thoughts on “The big kid class

    • We’re doing one called Jump, but I’ve heard that Pandamania is really fun. I can’t wait until she’s older and can really get what’s going on and enjoy it even more. VBS is so fun. =)

  1. I felt the same way when Finn was moving to the toddler room at daycare. But I try to hide when I pick him up and watch him interact with all the kids, and I’m amazed constantly at how fast he is growing. We moms have to keep up, don’t we?!?

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