Memorial Day

We appreciate our military and those who are serving our country. We enjoyed Brett’s day off and did some extra playing.

There is a new playscape in Sunset Valley behind Doc’s Backyard. We figured the regular park would be full and this would be a good option to beat the crowds. We were right!

Sliding with Daddy and trying the climbing wall by herself.

After all that playing, Hannah looked hot and kept asking to “eat, eat.” Being right next to Doc’s, it didn’t take us long to decide we needed to stop in and take part in their Happy Hour specials. We split some fried pickles and flautas, and I found a Shiner Hefeweizen very refreshing. Hannah loves their cups with the big straws.

We have also taught Hannah to dip lately, so here she enjoyed dipping her flautas (and fingers) in a bit of ranch dressing.

The day ended on an unpleasant note as Hannah came down with a stomach bug, but her Daddy (who had previously emphatically professed his refusal to assist in such situations) didn’t leave her side for four hours. All she wanted to do was snuggle against him, and I think he even surprised himself by being totally okay with that. She seems to be doing better today. On to the next adventure.

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